Investment Network for Women

The WIN Investment Network is an arena for female investors to learn from each other, access qualified local deal flow, evaluate deals and invest together to lower risk and leverage the power of the group.

The Network is designed for women that have the intention of being active investors: those with investment experience and investment capital available, and those that are just getting started. 


Members do not need to be accredited investors to join the Network. There is no commitment to invest or a minimum investment amount. However, members hold responsibility for their investment activity.



Be part of a network of like-minded women, to learn from each other, evaluate deals and invest together.


Get Access

Get access to qualified deal flow from high-potential Nordic startups


Be Invited

Be invited to investment-relevant quarterly events, and get discounts to the most recognized technology, innovation, and startup events.

Disclaimer: Startup investing is high risk - High return investing. No return is guaranteed and there is a risk of losing the invested money. Your investment may increase in book-value, but it is illiquid for 3 to 5 years and an exit may take as long as 12 years. Statistically, the best strategy is to build a portfolio of invested startups along with other investment instruments. 

Questions? write to us

The annual membership fee is 3.000 NOK, including VAT.