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We believe that entrepreneurship is the mother of many good things: innovation, job creation, and solutions to the complex problems we face as a global society.

But we need all hands on deck: Ambitious entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies accessing the capital they need to make a real impact, even if they are women. And more investors helping fund these innovations and get incredible returns, even if they are women.

We believe that everyone should be part of the solution and get rewarded for it.

The Team

Angela Holter

Managing Director

Startup investor and advisor, with experience in venture funding. Investor Relations Manager Europe at Astia Angels, a global network of investors investing

in female-lead tech-companies. 

Gender equality advocate. 

Sunniva Sandjord

Community Manager


Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc student with experience within marketing, event management, and tech-startup advisory assisting with strategic development.

Rita Anson

Operations Director


Project Manager at Nordic Angel Program, initiative under EU's "Horizon 2020". Expert in angel investors training facilitation and creating networks with investors from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, through bilateral cooperation.

Stine Svanevik

Community Manager

Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc student with research experience on angel investment and interest in diversity and impact. Advices startups in business development.

Tanja Schøien

Communications Director


Marketing and Communications expert with experience

Virginia Vegas

Partner at Angel Challenge

Program Director & Investment Manager at Startup Norway. With ample experience training first-time angel investors and fundraising startups.


Advisory Board

Knut Wien

Founder Startup Norway

Chief Vision Officer (CVO) & Co-Founder of Startup Norway, Startup Extreme, Angel Challenge, Startup Campus

Marianne Aalby

SVP Finance in OBOS BBL

Investor and board member at Forvaltningshuset. 

20+ years of experience in in banking and investment management. 

M Aalby.jpg
Camilla Andersson

CEO Andersson Invest

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. Founder of various crowdfunding companies and is now most active in raising capital and investments.Chairman of the board and owner of Feddie Ocean Distillery. 

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