WIN Program - Startup Investment Training for Women

Participant Agreement


WIN Program (the “Program”)  is a lecture and workshop-based training-program organized by Women Investment Network Norway in collaboration with Angel Challenge (the Organizers). 


In order to participate in the WIN Program, the participant must sign this Participant Agreement, settle the program participation fee as described below, and agree to the Attached Non-Disclosure Undertaking (Annex 1).

Program participation fee for Participant

The program participation fee is NOK 15.000,- including VAT. per participant, or as otherwise agreed in writing. The invoice from The Angel Challenge AS must be paid immediately to reserve a place in the Program. The fee covers the full cost of participating in the Program, all course materials, a 1:1 mentoring session with an experienced investor, the first year of membership to the Investment Network, food and beverages during the in-person sessions. 

Cancelation Policy

The WIN Program - Startup Investment Training for Women starts on the 23rd of September 2020. All participants have the right to cancel their registration and get 90% of the Participation Fee refunded by canceling up to 7 days before the Program starts (by Set.16th latest). Cancelations after this date will not be eligible for a refund. 

Privacy Protection

Angel Challenge AS and Women Investor Network Norway will follow the Angel Challenge AS’s privacy policy, for more information please visit

Women Investor Network and Angel Challenge AS’s rights and obligations

  • Women Investor Network and Angel Challenge as the organizers, retain the right to disqualify and exclude any participant from the Program at any time before and during the Program, for reasons of (but not limited to) sexual or other types of harassment, illegal activity, disruption of the Program activity, immoral behavior towards the startups, investors, partners or organizers.

  • Women Investor Network and Angel Challenge AS  as the organizers retain the right to, at any time cancel the Program in its entirety both before and during the Program. As a result of such an incident occurring, the Program fee will be returned in full.

Startup Investing is a high-risk asset class

By joining this Program, the participant understands that Startup Investing is a high-risk asset class and that investments in this asset class might lead to complete loss of invested capital.  Women Investor Network and Angel Challenge can in no case be held responsible for any financial losses from investing in this asset class. WIN Program is an arena for the Program’s participants to learn and engage together. Any decision to invest lies fully on the individual participant.

Annex 1:

Angel Challenge AS Non-Disclosure Undertaking


In connection with the startup investment program “WIN program” (the “Program”), the various participants, whether investors, founders, employees or advisors (the “Participants” or individually a “Participant”) will obtain information regarding the various startup companies (the “Companies”) taking part in the Program. 

As a Participant in the Program, I hereby undertake the following obligations:

1.   Confidentiality

I am obligated to treat the information that I receive about the Companies, including but not limited to their business ideas, market strategy and technical solutions (the “Confidential Information”), with strict confidentiality. 

Confidentiality does not apply to information that is publicly available, information that has to be given to the Courts or Public Authorities or others pursuant to law, regulations or decisions made pursuant to law, and information that obviously is not confidential. 

The duty of confidentiality in this declaration does not apply if the information is received from the Companies or any other Participant by other means than as a part of my participation in the Program.

2.   Use of information

I can only use Confidential Information for activities that are a part of the Program. 

3.   Duty of care, copying prohibition and obligation to return documentation

I shall keep all received written and electronic Confidential Information in a responsible manner so that third parties cannot access the information. The same applies to written and electronic information made in connection with Confidential Information. 

The information may not be copied, duplicated, or shared in any other way without prior written consent from the Companies. The prohibition also applies to copy data to any media. 

4.   Liability

I acknowledge that I might be liable for any loss that the Women Investor Network or any of the Companies may incur due to my breach of the obligations according to this declaration.

Each party is limited to NOK 50.000,- for breached obligations under this declaration. However, the limitation shall not apply in case of gross negligence or intentional breach of obligations under this declaration. In addition, in case of such gross negligence or intentional breach of obligations under this declaration, the breaching party shall return to the suffering party the profit and any benefits resulting from the breach, and any cost consequently incurred by the suffering party. 

5.   Governing law

This declaration shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Norway, the venue to be Oslo City Court.