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I am the co-founder of a martech company, and of course the only woman on the ownerside... We are developing an selfserved international platform for advertising on online newspapers worldwide. Lyll's promise to the customer is; "Now it is easier to place ads on online newspapers than in social media". The global market for advertising through platforms (not direct buys) is more than 155 Billion USD, and the customers are big companies. Lyll will develop a selfserved platform for small businesses, and we aim to reach 5 Billion in advertising spend in 5 years and have unicorn potensial. A fair servicefee will secure our income. For 25 years I have worked in marketing in different industries, and the service we are building will be welcomed amongst the small advertisers who cannot afford using an agency or have limited skills. In the future we will buy ads through platforms, not directly from the newspaper's salesrep. Right now we are looking for funding. We have been granted the 600.000Nok from Innovasjon Norge, and we have one female founder with us. If you read this and are interested in knowing more you know where to find me :-) Visit:

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Camilla Frydenbø

Camilla Frydenbø

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